Copy Cat Recipe: Chili's Chips and Queso (2024)

Copy Cat Recipe: Chili's Chips and Queso (2)
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You know what I LOVE doing copy cat recipes and I like recipes with as little ingredients as possible – because less ingredients usually mean less money spent.

Today I am tackling Chili’s Famous Queso – now Chili’s does not list their queso as gluten free but I asked the chef at one of their restaurants and he said no flour was used. So after “tasting” the queso I got to work!

After many attempts this one is VERY close + it is SUPER YUMMY. Lick the bowl yummy 😉

What You Need


1.5 lbs of Velveeta Cheese

2 Cans of Hormel Chili ( No Beans)


What To Do

Get out that old crock pot and plop the two cans of Hormel Chili in it 🙂

Make sure to turn the crock pot to low.

Add 1 Teaspoons of Pepper and Mix

Mix – Mix – Mix

Add the cheese – I cut the cheese into slices for easier melting

Put the top on the crock pot and take the next 2 hours off – just mix occasionally

Heat up your chips – I place them in the oven at 300 for 5 minutes


Budget Savvy Diva's Queso !

Of course I served my queso in a skillet just like they do in Chili’s 🙂

Here is Chili’s Queso

They do look pretty similar don’t they 😉

I came up with the ultimate recipe on my own but the building blocks for the recipe came from Kraft Foods site

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  • Nina


  • Krista Bolton

    I love this! We made it this way, but added some salsa which makes it a little more spicy…

  • jennifer

    I make it the same way but I also brown 1 lb of hamburger and add it. My sis used to make it all the time and its delicious 🙂

  • Linda Flores

    Just bought all of the ingredients to make this over the weekend for my boys. Thank u!

    • Budget Savvy Diva

      Let me know what you think 🙂

  • Tracy E.

    I tried it today! It was amazing!

  • Amanda

    I just finished making this. Im eating it as I type! It is so good! My picky eater son even loves it which shocked me because he does not like trying anything new!

  • Linda Flores

    Made it today and it came out awesome! Thank you!

  • Betc

    Am just about to make this and notice the Velveeta comes in 1 lb boxes and 2 lb boxes ( at least at my grocery store) . So am going to wing it with the amount of cheese to make it 1.5 lbs. Wish me luck!

    • Budget Savvy Diva

      That is what I did 🙂 2 lbs is just way to much

      • Betc


  • Steim

    I do the same thing, except use cream cheese instead of velvetta and it’s still delicious! 🙂

  • kim

    this is too amazing! Try It!

  • Sylvia

    I added a little too much cheese, so I added some milk and ground beef and it turned out GREAT!!! Thank you!!

  • Natalie

    I’ve made this before, very yummy. Also, an alternate to this is to use a can of man-which. It gives it a sweet and spicy taste.

    • Budget Savvy Diva

      Awesome Idea!!!

  • Amberly

    I don’t own a crock pot, is there any other way to make it?

  • Jen

    My mom used to make something close to this…2 cans of No Bean Chili and a block of cream cheese.

    Amberly-I always made mine on the stove top, you just have to watch it so it doesn’t burn.

    • Amberly

      Thanks Jen! I can’t really cook, but I HAVE to make this lol! You probably think I’m totally dumb, but can someone post stovetop directions? I don’t venture into the kitchen much because nothing good ever comes of it! 😉

      • Mina

        Amberly if you don’t cook much please get a rock pot. It is so easy to make great dinners and a ton of recipes online. You can get a great Costco for 25.00 but I got mine on black Friday at Walmart for 10 buck. I promise it is a good investment and you will be surprised at all the amazing meals you an make.

  • Lauren

    I use the Velveeta cheese and beanless chili, but instead of using just black pepper, I use green chiles. They come in a small can. I can’t think of the name brand.

  • Andrea

    I make this and add a can of rotel and a block of cream cheese. It is heavenly!

  • Stacia

    My favorite queso recipe! I used to do it like this, now I add taco seasoning instead of pepper, and salsa. Makes it even better!

  • kella

    been making this for years,,,but we called it “Dog sh*t Dip” always a hit…my kids loved it and now my grandkids love it!

  • Pam Crocker

    I have been doing this for our family for years! It is delicious. We have not used pepper and it is still good. Hope you try it soon. I too am like Kella, we used it for our kids when they were teens and their almost grown kids love it too.

  • kAHNE

    I make this same dip only i add 1 -2 cans of hot tamales chopppe up.

  • Meagan

    I made this in the summer of 2012 for our annual Pinterest Potluck Party…everyone makes something they haven’t ever made before…most of us are on Pinterest and never take the time to make the things we pin! Anyway…it is now my go to party dip. Love it!!! Thank you for posting this!

    • Watson

      You are VERY welcome 🙂

  • Buggabee

    Amberly, I hope you got answers by now, but this can be made in the microwave even. Just stir & heat a little at a time until all is smooth & hot through. Crock pot allows flavors to blend together and keeps it hot & ready to serve without constant watching. Good luck to all you “non-cooks”, this is an easy one!

  • Kayla

    How many does this serve?

    • Watson


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    […] 5) Copy Cat Recipe: Chili’s Chips and Queso […]

  • Liz

    oh my gosh, i LOVE this dip from chilis. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  • Heather Thiel

    I just found what to do with my cans of vegetarian chili!

    (commenting for Quick giveaway 🙂

  • Katie

    Talk about loving this one in the crock pot!

  • Elly

    Do you need a crockpot to make this?

  • Chris


    I’m making this for a potluck on Friday. How much will this recipe feed? Looking to feed about 25 people. Do I need more cheese? Thanks!

    • Sara

      It should be enough 🙂

  • Tammi

    The chili con queso dip at BWW does use the chili with beans. Anyone try it with the Velveeta con queso?

  • Alyssa

    It says 2 cans Hormel chili but there’s all sorts of sized cans, anyone know exactly how much this recipe asked for? Thank you!

Copy Cat Recipe: Chili's Chips and Queso (2024)


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