Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The Best Guns (2024)

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Here are a handful of weapon choices to pick in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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Finding the best partner to take with you in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to vary. You’re going to want someone to complement how sneaky you are, or you’re going to want a good friend to join you in the madness you can engage in with the AI and crazy mechanics. However, no matter if you’re playing by yourself or with friends, you’re going to want a good weapon. There are a variety of weapons available to you and your teammates. Here are some of the best guns in each category.

The Best Guns in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Assault Rifles

805 Bren

What an excellent weapon. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a suitable main gun in the game. Overall, you’re going to find the demonstration and balance between damage and range pretty great. While you’re firing it, your character is going to handle it pretty well, and you’re going to remain stable on the sights of your enemy. You certainly want to this in your back pocket to fight your enemies when they start getting close.


Do you want to keep your distance? The AUG is going to be your optimal choice, though you’re going to find reloading it slightly troublesome. If you can use a perk or a passive to make up for it, you shouldn’t find it too much of an issue. You’re going to place a suppressor on the weapon and ensure no enemy hears you taking them out from afar in a small number of hits.



Now, with a DMR, you want to do some decent damage. However, the big goal of it is to make sure you can follow up on your initial shot with something equally powerful, especially if you don’t land the headshot. To make sure your second shot takes them down, the G28 is going to be your ideal back-up. You’re going to make sure you have this on you back and taking out anyone still standing from your first.


For those who want to get a little closer to their enemies rather than be halfway across the map, the MK14 is your ideal option. You’re not going to have the best distance compared to the other choices, but you’re going to have plenty of power available to you. Plus, if you’re on your last shot, you’re not going to spend too much reloading your weapon.



If you’re wandering around the middle of a base, not knowing when the next enemy is about to pop-up around the corner, you need a reliable sidearm. You don’t want to risk too much noise, and you want to make sure the first shot you make is going to stick. The F40 is your best friend. You can do plenty of damage if your other weapons need to go away and need reloading, and you can clear foes walking in front of you a short distance, no problem.


For those who know they’re only going to use this weapon exclusive in close-range situations, you want the P45T. Unfortunately, you can’t rely on it for its distance. You’re going to want to use it when you know where the enemy is around the corner. However, it’s going to deal plenty of damage, and you can control the bullet’s trajectory exceptionally well.

Light Machine Guns


If you can reliably keep your LMG in its sight, you want to use this weapon. However, if you doubt you can control how well you can keep it under control, you may want to choose another option. The CTMMG is going to have a superb amount of damage, and you’re going to find it extremely easy to travel with when you’re moving, but you might not like the weapon’s sway.


Do you have about four enemies coming after you in a warehouse? Pulling out the MK48 and mowing them down is going to serve you wonders as you eliminate them again and again. Not every player is going to like using it, though, the weapon’s spread is pretty wide and unreliable.



Shotguns are tricky beasts. You don’t know if you want to remain quiet or cause every bit of destruction as you can before you leave an enemy’s sight. If you’re interested in staying in close to make sure your enemies remember your name, the M4 is your reliable choice. You won’t move as quickly to other shotguns with it, but the power you’re about to deal is going to make up for every step you take.


Do you like to avoid the pump-action designs? Having a semi-automatic shotgun is where it’s at in the world where you have to take out five enemies running at you one after another. Don’t leave home without this weapon if you’re going to dive headfirst into the enemy.

Sniper Rifles

HTI | Survival

Want to make your enemies wonder where you’re at and keep them guessing? Keep your distance with the HTI | Survival model, and make sure they keep asking questions. However, even if you miss the headshot, you’re going to tear through their armor and destroy whatever they have protecting them. Again, you’re going to spend a hot second reloading this weapon, so make sure they don’t know where you are on the map.


So, you’re good with headshots? You want to remain mobile and chance positions at a steady pace? The L115A3 is going to make sure you can reload quick enough to take out someone before they tell their allies your position, and you’re going to remain mobile enough to continue causing problems. You might not have the best stopping power in the world, but you can keep your enemies guessing.

Submachine Guns


Keep close to your enemy and make sure they’re full of bullets. The P90 cannot give you a better experience of a submachine gun, but you’re going to want to make sure you stay close to your foes. They’re going to remain agile as always, and if you miss with this weapon, you’re going to regret it. Keep your aim on point because it’s quite easy to miss.


You’re not going to penetrate the armor of the heavy tanks, vehicles, and otherwise heavily-armored foes, but you’re going to destroy those you hit on-point. The UMP is a reliable submachine. You can always lean back on if you want a standard choice to support your primary option.

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Ghost Recon Breakpoint: The Best Guns (2024)


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