Rewinding No. 12 Oregon State Beavers’ 62-17 win over Stanford: Live updates recap (2024)

Damien Martinez ran for four touchdowns and Oregon State’s defense collected four interceptions as the No. 12 Beavers rolled Stanford 62-17 Saturday at Reser Stadium.

The Beavers (8-2, 5-2 Pac-12) scored touchdowns on eight of their first nine possessions.


FINAL: Oregon State 62, Stanford 17

Stanford starts at its 25. Drive kept alive when on fourth-and-2, Beavers are flagged for defensive holding. Two incompletions sets up third and 10, where Lamson runs to the OSU 40 for a first down. Stanford eventually gives up the ball on downs, turning it over to Oregon State for two minutes of victory formation. Ben Gulbranson took snaps on the final series. Oregon State 62, Stanford 17 FINAL

Starting at the OSU 26, Jake Reichle produced a couple nice runs to get the ball near midfield. A face mask penalty moved the ball to the Stanford 28. That where Chiles threw a 28-yard touchdown pass to Riley Sharp. Oregon State 62, Stanford 17, 5:54 4Q

Stanford takes over at its 22. On second down, Lamson connects with Harris for 22 yards and a first down. Cardinal get another first down after a 11-yard reception by Ayomanor. Ball at the OSU 45. Two incompletions, and a penalty led to third and 25, and ultimately another Stanford punt. Oregon State 55, Stanford 17,

In a game where the benches have been emptied and the score out of hand, Oregon State is trying to run out the clock. The Beavers have two short running plays, then misfire on a third-down pass. Punt back to Stanford.

Starting at its 6, Stanford immediately gets a first down on a 17-yard run. Three consecutive incomplete passes and Stanford has to punt. Oregon State 55, Stanford 17, 13:11 4Q

Oregon State starts the fourth quarter at the Stanford 41. Drive sputters, and Josh Green punts to the Stanford 6. Oregon State 55, Stanford 17, 14:02 4Q


Oregon State starts at its 25. On second down, Chiles throws to Caufield for 21 yards and a first down. Final play of the third quarter is a 13-yard pass reception by Valsin. Oregon State 55, Stanford 17, END 3

Stanford starts at its 25. First play, Daniels throws a 75-yard touchdown pass to Ayomanor. Oregon State 55, Stanford 17, 1:30 3Q

Beavers start at their 42. A third down throw to Newell is incomplete, but he’s hit as defenseless receiver and Stanford is flagged for 15 yards. Fenwick then with a highlight run, hurdles a tackler on the way to a 37-yard run to the end zone. Oregon State 55, Stanford 10, 1:43 3Q

Stanford starts at its 25. On the second play, Oladapo collects his second interception of the game. OSU takes over near midfield. Oregon State 48, Stanford 10, 3:18 3Q

Oregon State takes over at the Stanford 34. Chiles at QB. Throws 8 yards to Velling, then Fenwick follows with a run for first down. Chiles runs for no gain on first down at the Stanford 21. Chiles then runs 21 yards for a touchdown, but after review, its ruled Chiles was out at the 1. Chiles sneaks 1 yard for the score. Oregon State 48, Stanford 10, 3:48 3Q

Cardinal start at their 25. Stanford starts with back-to-back passes to Roush for a first down. McCartan then forces a fumble in the backfield, and Stanford is fortunate to recover, though it takes an 18-yard loss. Incomplete pass sets up third-and-28 at the Cardinal 23. Jermod McCoy intercepts the third down pass for OSU’s third takeaway of the game. Oregon State 41, Stanford 10, 5:40 3Q

Oregon State starts at its 25. First play is a 20-yard pass to Irish. Martinez follows with a 7-yard run as Oregon State crosses midfield. Martinez is then thrown for a loss. On third and 6, Uiagalelei connects with Irish for 12 yards and a first down. Beavers at the Stanford 39. First down play goes nowhere, as a pass to Terry results in a 5-yard loss. Incomplete pass sets up third and 15. Martinez catches a pass for an 10-yard gain. OSU goes for it on fourth-and-5 at the Stanford 34. Stanford brings the heat, but Uiagalelei gets off the pass for a 6-yard pass to Martinez. OSU ball at the Cardinal 28. Martinez for 5. 15 carries, 146 yards for the OSU sophom*ore. Newell bangs ahead for 8 and a first down. Ball at the Stanford 14. Newell for 1. It’s then Uiagalelei to Fenwick for 13 yards and a TD. Oregon State has scored on six of seven possessions. Oregon State 41, Stanford 10, 8:09 3Q

HALFTIME: Oregon State 34, Stanford 10

OSU starts at its 25. Martinez runs for 11 on first down. Pass incomplete on first down. Martinez runs for 11, which puts him over 1,000 yards for the season. First down pass is in complete. Uiagalelei to Bolden for 18 yards as OSU moves into Stanford territory. Ball at the Cardinal 35. Bolden with another catch, and OSU is inside the 20. Martinez 7 yard run to the Stanford 10. Fenwick up the middle for 5, first and goal at the Stanford 5. Incomplete on first down. 20 seconds left, second and goal. Martinez bounces off a tackle and runs 5 yards for a touchdown. Sappington misses the extra point.. Oregon State 34, Stanford 10, :15 2Q

Stanford starts at its 25. Smith for a yard on first down. Deep ball from Daniels, and Cooper should have had an interception. Third and 9, Daniels runs a keeper 18 yards for a first down. Lamson thrown for a loss by Hart. Bachmeier catches an 11-yard pass for a first down. Ball at OSU 45. Butler first down run for 2. Smith catches one out of the backfield and converts. Ball at OSU 30. Daniels for 2 on first down, then Daniels comes off the field appearing to be hurt. Lamson keeps and gets 5. Chatfield down on the field. Third and 4 at the OSU 24. Farrell with a 10 yards reception on third down. Ball at the OSU 14. Lamson stuffed on first down. Lamson runs for 5. On third and 6, pass in the end zone is incomplete. Karty with a 28-yard field goal. Oregon State 28, Stanford 10, 3:04 2Q

Oregon State ball at its 47. Fenwick busts through the defense for 13. Uiagalelei follows with a 40-yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Terry, his first at Oregon State. Uiagalelei evaded several pursuers, then found Terry wide open at the 6. The Cal transfer did the rest to get to the end zone. Oregon State 28, Stanford 7, 10:17 2Q

Cardinal start at their 14 after the kickoff. First down run by Daniels for nothing. On second down, Daniels to Bachmeier for 24 yards. First down run results in a one-yard loss. Beavers pressure Daniels on second, and he just gets rid of before the sack. He’s flagged for intentional grounding. Thrid and 14, and McCartan and Lolohea sack Daniels. Beavers have three sacks, 1 1/2 by McCartan. Stanford short punt. Beaver ball at their 47. Oregon State 21, Stanford 7, 11:07 2Q

Oregon State starts the quarter third and 7 at its 18. Gould crosses and make a huge catch and run for 61 yards. Beavers ball at the Cardinal 21. Martinez finishes the drive with a run of 6 yards, then 15 for the touchdown, his third of the game. Martinez already over 100 yards, with 102. Oregon State 21, Stanford 7, 13:44 2Q

FIRST QUARTER: Oregon State 14, Stanford 7

Silas Bolden returns the kickoff to the OSU 15. Uiagalelei is pressured and throws incomplete. Martinez runs for 3 and that’s the end of the quarter. Oregon State 14, Stanford 7

Stanford starts at the OSU 35. Second down scramble by Daniels, plus a late hit out of bounds by Robinson gives the Cardinal first and goal at the 7. Daniels again escapes the pressure, and runs 7 yards for a touchdown. Oregon State 14, Stanford 7, :23 1Q

Oregon State starts at its 9, with Aidan Chiles at quarterback. First down run for Fenwick for a yard. Chiles throws a deep ball incomplete. Third and 9, Chiles is sacked at the OSU 3. Short punt, and the Cardinal get great field position at the OSU 35. Oregon State 14, Stanford 0, 1:34 1Q

Stanford starts at its 25. Daniels throws a deep sideline pass to Elomayor for 39 yards. Then its Bachmeier for 15. Cardinal at the OSU 24. First down pass is incomplete. Smith up the middle for 1. Third and 9, Daniels throws to the pylon, and it’s OSU’s second interception, this by Oladapo, second of his career. There’s a blindside block, so the Beavers begin the drive backed up against their goal line. Oregon State 14, Stanford 0, 3:07 1Q

Oregon State drive starts at its 30. Incomplete pass on first down. Martinez runs to his right for 8. Uiagalelei runs a keeper on third down, comes up short of the first down. Fourth and 1 at the OSU 39. Uiagalelei runs straight ahead for 2 and a first down. Uiagalelei throws a bad pass to a wide open Gould, incomplete. On second and 10, Martinez runs through a huge hole 59 yards for a touchdown. It’s his second TD of the day, fifth of the season. Oregon State 14, Stanford 0, 5:33 1Q

Stanford starts at its 25. Short pass on first down to Bachmeier for 5. Hart knifes through the line and sticks QB Lamson for a loss. Third and 7, where Chatfield runs across the field and sacks Daniels, his eighth of the year. Stanford punts. Oregon State 7, Stanford 0, 7:53 1Q

Oregon State starts at its 42. On second down, Uiagalelei throws 8 yards to Velling for a first down. Beavers into Stanford territory. A short run by Martinez, then it’s Uiagalelei to Velling again, this time for 39 yards. First and goal at the 7. Martinez finishes the drive with a run to the left for 7 yards and a touchdown. Oregon State 7, Stanford 0, 9:52 1Q

Stanford starts the game at its 25. On second-and-9, it’s Daniels to Roush for 17 yards and a first down. Cardinal then take a deep shot, and Robinson is called for pass interference. Stanford ball at the OSU 43. First down reverse is snuffed out by Robinson for no gain. Short completion sets up a third-and-7. Chatfield drops into coverage and picks it, returns to the OSU 42. Oregon State 0, Stanford 0, 12:29 1Q

Stanford won the toss, and will receive.


Stanford (3-6, 2-5 Pac-12) at No. 12 Oregon State (7-2, 4-2)

When: 2:30 p.m. Saturday

Where: Reser Stadium

Weather at kickoff: Cloudy and 55

Latest line: Beavers by 21½ (Odds by FanDuel)

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TV channel: Pac-12 Network

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What’s at stake

A weekend that features Oregon State’s athletic hall of fame inductions, and oh, yes, a game that could help vault the Beavers into the national top 10 with a little bit of help. Stanford isn’t the pushover it once appeared, as the Cardinal have won their last two road games, at Colorado and Washington State. Provided the weather forecast doesn’t change and it remains dry, Oregon State has significant advantages over Stanford in the passing game.

-- Nick Daschel | @nickdaschel


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Rewinding No. 12 Oregon State Beavers’ 62-17 win over Stanford: Live updates recap (2024)


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