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Town Hall 8 attack strategies are so vast that you will get confused on which army combination is best to use. You are introduced to a new set of dark troops at TH8 along with the new dark spell factory. Therefore you will have a lot of options to try on.

We are here to help you in finding the best army compositions that can be easily replicated even on higher Town Hall levels. By now you must learn funneling as it is very important if you want to score three stars on opponent bases in clan war leagues.

Which Army is Best for TH8?

As you move higher in Town Hall levels you will find that mass one troop army no longer brings three stars and you have to try various army combinations so that you can defeat your enemy base.

However, on Town Hall 8 several mass armies are still very much useful. According to a poll on Reddit, the mass dragon army is cited as the best army for Town Hall 8.

10 Best Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies (2024) TH8 Army Troop Combination & Spell Composition - Clash Of Clans Wiki (1)

What league should TH8 be in?

A very common question among Town Hall 8 players is which league they should aim for when they are at Town Hall 8. You already know that if you win 1250 trophies you get the 450 gems rewards which help unlock the fifth builder.

But if somehow you have used up your gems and you are lacking behind then you should aim for the crystal league which unlocks when you achieve 2000 trophies. You will 250 gems for this.

It is challenging to reach crystal league at Town Hall 8 but if you are in a clan that donates powerful troops then you can easily achieve this goal.

10. GiWiHe

  • Army Composition:14 Giants, 14 Wizards, 3 Healers, 4 Wall breaker, 24 Archers, 2 Heal Spell, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Training Time:23 Min 24 Seconds

This is a very basic army strategy. You have your ground troops ready to wreak havoc on the opponent base. The giants should be deployed in a group of 2 with 7 giants in each group. Deploy them on the side where the Town Hall is nearest. One healer should be deployed on each giant set.

Since the giants are on edges, therefore the king should be deployed in the middle with a healer overhead. 3-3 wizards should be deployed to support the two giant groups and the barbarian king. Use heal spell when healers die. Wall breakers will make paths for giants and archers will clean up the rest. Use rage spell when wizards are near the Town Hall. Use poison spell on clan troop or Opposition’s barbarian king.

9. Mass Valkyrie

  • Army Composition:25 Valkyrie, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Training Time:23 Min 24 Sec

This army is best if the opponent has a congested base. The Valkyrie is known to attack two adjacent buildings simultaneously. These are fast troops so if you attack a crowded base along with a rage spell then these can wipe out the entire base well under a minute.

This comes in handy when you have to score three stars in one minute in clan war games. Use the rage spell and poison spell wisely. Do not take this army to attack on Town Hall 9 in clan wars.

8. MiniLoons

  • Army Composition:26 Balloons, 35 Minions, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison
  • Training Time:23 Min 30 Seconds

I love this army combination a lot. Balloons should be deployed in C-shape. Rage spell will be used on balloons especially when these are near air defense. The balloons will wipe out all defenses whereas the minions will clear the remaining buildings.

Poison spell is optional. You can use light spells too. But sometimes the opposite clan has troops therefore poison comes in handy.

7. GiWiPe

  • Army Composition:11 Giants, 2 Healers, 9 wizards, 3 wall breaker, 3 Pekka, 2 heal spell, 1 rage spell, 1 poison spell
  • Training Time:23 min 45 seconds

This army is a good choice if you want to learn funneling. The healer will be used on Pekka. Use Giants as a distraction. When the defenses of the opponent clan lock on giants you will deploy Pekka behind along with 3-4 wizards. Make sure that the healer is healing Pekka and not any other troop.

Many players also like to use a healer on Barbarian king which is also a good choice. Use heal spell to heal giants whereas rage spell to make Pekka angry. The base of the enemy will be wiped out in no time.

6. Mass Goblins

  • Army Composition:200 Goblins, 7 earthquake
  • Training Time:23 min 20 seconds

If you ever want to make a farming army beyond Town Hall 8 then look no further than Goblins. These green thieves can fill your storage in no time. Use a training potion for one hour, stay in the ideal trophy range and loot millions of resources in quick succession.

You will lose trophies though but your builder will get more than enough resources to upgrade buildings. Why do I use earthquake spells for goblins? Because we don’t have jump spell unlocked as of now. The earthquake spell will destroy walls and make it easy for goblins to loot dark elixir storage hiding behind walls.

Therefore the 980 dark elixir cost to make this earthquake spells is easily reclaimed.

5. Mass Pekka

  • Army Composition:8 Pekka, 3 rage spell, 1 poison spell
  • Training Time:24 Min

Do you want to overkill your opponent base? Because this is how you can overkill your opponent base. The 8 Pekka are so powerful that I have even wiped out Town Hall 9.5 with these armor-wearing beasts.

The rage spell makes them even deadlier. I have hardly faced a base that didn’t give three stars to the 8 mighty Pekkas. The only problem you will face is if the opponent has a dragon or balloons in their clan. You can deploy this army in any sense in any order on any tile of the opponent base. The result will be the same – 3 Stars.

4. GoWiPe

  • Army Composition: 4 Pekka, 2 Golem, 4 Wall breaker, 8 wizard, 2 Heal spell, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Training Time: 27 Min

I have already shared details about how GoWiPe is the best hybrid army for any Town Hall level. If you want to learn this technique then do read GOWIPE attack strategy. This army is best for those who have now perfected funneling.

3. DragLoon

  • Army Composition:6 Dragon, 16 Balloon, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Training Time: 26 Minute

This is an exciting army combination. It is a challenging composition that will test your skills. You can take light spells too but I prefer rage spells because these will charge up balloons.

The balloons have only one task to destroy air defense as soon as possible. A pair of three balloons with rage spell can easily carry out this task. Deploy them in pairs near the three air defenses. The dragons will clear the rest of the field.

2. Mass Dragon

  • Army Composition: 10 Dragons, 7 Light Spell
  • Training Time: 30 Min

You might have used this army extensively on Town Hall 7. At Town Hall 8 the mass dragon attack only gets better. The air sweeper can sometimes create trouble for the beasts in the sky but overall you will manage to score three stars no matter what. You already know how to deploy this army so be free to use it.

I will also suggest using only this army in clan war leagues as it can handle clan troops while also destroying the base.

1. Mass Hog Rider


  • Army Composition: 40 Hog Rider, 3 Rage Spell, 1 Poison Spell
  • Training Time: 30 Min

There will come a time at Town Hall 8 when you will have too much dark elixir with you. In such a situation, you should try a mass hog rider army.

Deploy the hog riders in groups of eight. The five groups need to be deployed at five different points on the opponent base. Do not deploy them near the enemy king as He will kill the whole group alone. The strategy should be in such a way that the hogs reach the king in the end and show him stars together.

I have loved this army so much that after crossing Town Hall 8.5 I used only this army exclusively.

What is the best combination of troops in COC?: In Clash of Clans, the best army compositions vary based on your specific needs and strategies. Giants with wall breakers, Archer Queen with healers, Balloons with Lava Hounds, Pekkas with golems, and Witches with Bowlers are some of the most effective combinations.

We have shared about these combinations on our blog so do check it out.

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10 Best Town Hall 8 Attack Strategies (2024) TH8 Army Troop Combination & Spell Composition - Clash Of Clans Wiki (2024)


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