Top 5 BEST Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy [New TH8 Army] (2024)

Clash of Clans is an addictive game where players start their journey as Chief from TH1 and proceed for years to reach the ultimate level of Town Hall 16 (New). Each player builds, upgrades buildings, and learns to attack and loot to expand a tiny empire.

In this journey, Town Hall 8 plays one of its major roles as its perfect stage where players not only have Dark Troops but do trophy pushing to an extreme extent leading to Titan or even Legend League.

Town Hall 8 Army

Top 5 BEST Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy [New TH8 Army] (1)

Here are many Town Hall 8 attack strategy that will help you win attacks and help you reach higher in your league. All the army compositions similar to town hall 11 attack strategies defined.

Here are so powerful and have the capacity to let a newbie or rush base max out in less time due to their nature of looting and snatching resources at a faster rate.

1. Hog Spam

Top 5 BEST Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy [New TH8 Army] (2)
  • Hog Rider: 33x
  • Archer: 13
  • Wizard: 3
  • Giant:2
  • Heal: 3
  • Poison: 1
  • CC: High hitpoint units

Strategy: Counter CC troops using archers and spread Hog Riders in one direction and use heal spells when necessary. Players can take speedy troops in Clan Castle to help gain 3 stars or 2 stars at least.

Tip: This is a solo Hog Rider army that first targets defenses followed by nearby buildings. From the composition, there are few archers and wizards to wipe up building units that are far away from army reach.

2. GoHoDra

Top 5 BEST Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy [New TH8 Army] (3)
  • Archer – 3
  • Golem – 1
  • Valkyrie – 9
  • Wizard – 13
  • Wall Breakers – 6
  • PEKKA – 1
  • Minion – 1
  • Earthquake Spell – 4
  • Poison Spell – 1
  • Rage – Spell – 1

Strategy: Seek for Town Hall concentrated away from the center and use 4 Earthquake Spells to destroy the wall and make an inside funnel to get the 2nd star after THE has been successfully destroyed.

Tip: Make a funnel using Golem to absorb damage and let the wizard do the rest of the cleanup. Once a funnel starts to form, use Wall Breakers to make a path for Valkyries.

If Clan Castle consists of troops (mostly there will be), use poison Spell to slow them and wizards to take them down quickly.

3. DraLoons

Top 5 BEST Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy [New TH8 Army] (4)
  • Balloon – 12
  • Dragons – 7
  • Rage Spells
  • Haste Spells
  • Clan Castle – 1 max dragon

Compared to the previous group strategy, this is the new TH8 armythat focuses on air troops making players not worry about dealing with walls.

Strategy: Dragons have high hit points but low damage while balloons are pretty useful inside haste and rage spells making their group unstoppable when air defenses are taken down.

Beware of area splash damage such as Wizard Tower which can kill plenty of balloons quickly.

Tip: COC Th8 attacks and army are always worth watching, YouTubers push their base to legend league through this army which is another reason to trust this one and make minor modifications based on users’ requirements while letting the magical touch of this army destroy the enemy completely.

4. WizHog

Top 5 BEST Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy [New TH8 Army] (5)
  • Hog Rider – 13
  • Wizards – 10
  • WB – 5
  • Golem – 1
  • Heal – 2
  • Rage – 1
  • Poison – 1

Strategy: Previous attack ideas included the use of dragons and golems as primary whose main job is to take damage and protect important troops from getting wiped out.

But in this army, Hog Riders are the leading units, taking out defenses first with the help of healing spells and rage when needed while wizards support clean-up.

Tip: The only threat is Giants Bombs and that’s where most spells should be used to overcome the damage. All the mentioned strategies provided 3-star wins after learning to select a base that can be easily conquered using this technique.

Just to be clear, using the second strategy, it’s best to find low-level air defenses or not concentrate at the center as it might cost our army more loss than the sure win by 3 stars.

Tips & Tricks for TH8 Troops

TH8 comes into play when the player maxes out or simply upgrades Town Hall from 7 to 8. At this current position, the player has access to dark troops and Hero – Barbarian King from TH7 state along with Minions and Hogs.

As soon as the player reaches TH8, its main priority should be to upgrade storage, and collector in the base while army camps and training buildings to increase housing space.

Upon completion of these tasks, the player has to unlock Golem Valkyrie which will be playing the lead role in upcoming strategies.

To your surprise, Dark Troops are much more efficient to trophy push or destroying the base with 3 stars compared to elixirs consuming troops. Use the laboratory to max out the level as per TH8 and now is time for the TH8 attack strategy to get executed.

Top 5 BEST Town Hall 8 Attack Strategy [New TH8 Army] (2024)


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